Theatre Artists In The Light And Behind The Scenes

Millions of people enjoy the entertainment that they get from live theatre. Often the names that are heard connected to these productions are the actors, actresses, producers, and writers. However, there is a whole army of incredibly artistic people that work behind the scenes to make these productions the successes that they are today.

Actors and Actresses
Some of the greatest stage actors and actresses of all time include such notables as William Shakespeare, Angela Lansbury, Nathan Lane, Jack Gifford, Ben Vereen, Robert Goulet, Carol Burnett, and countless other greats.

Makeup and Hair
The skilled professionals that take care of the hair and makeup of a production are very important to the story of the characters as well as the story line. Highly trained in their trade, these behind the scenes magicians make the characters in the play transform their looks to fit the situation or setting.

The people who investigate, attain, and create the wardrobes for these productions are also an essential part of the production’s success. For every single character these professionals must find or create the perfect clothing to enhance the character and period or situation that the performance calls for. This may involve the searching different venues to find just the right look for the best results.

Lighting and Sound
One of the least thought of aspects of a production by the ticket holder is the lighting and sound. However, to have a successful production, the lighting and sound needs to be right on target. Spotlights and flood lights are turned on and off at strategic times during the production to enhance the visual effects for the audience.

Scenery and Props
A very important factor to the believability and setting of each section of the production are the different sets. Carpenters and workers create awesome works of art that depict the setting and offer on stage objects for the performers to utilize during their performances. These productions would not be very entertaining on a blank stage.

When it comes to completing a successful live theatre production, it takes every member of the crew from the lights to the leading role to make these performances unforgettable for the audience. With a great team of professionals taking care of the technical and esthetic aspects of the production, these powerhouses of entertainment continue to draw in millions of people every year to experience these highly entertaining theatre shows.